Service Station

“Lucky Queen” now is one stop ship services station.

We full services on any of your vessel which is calling Egyptian port

we have Tax Free warehouses, modern transportation fleet and advanced managements, makes our dream true,


· Shipping agency

The goal of this service is to help Owner/Operator's Technical Department keeping their vessels in compliance with environmental and safety standards.

Shipping Agency
Owners Representatives
Suez Canal Transit
Fright Forwarders

General Ship Suppliers

We Supply: Cruise lines, navy ships, Oil Rigs, off shore platforms and trade vessels with provisions requirements maintaining the international health codes

We Supplying

Provision ( Frozen prime meat, poultry, dairy products and dry stuff are sourced from famous brands from all over the world considering variation in crew nationalities to meet the different tastes ) Our refrigerator trucks deliver orders at any of the Egyptian Ports

Bond Stores. Beverage, cigarettes, confectionary, perfumes, electronics, gifts and souvenirs are available at highly competitive prices.

Charts & Publications.
Fresh Water Supply.
Bunker Supply.
Deck & Engine Stores.
Safety Equipments.
Marine Chemicals.
Refilling Gases.
Parcel Clearance

Clearance parcels and delivery to vessel from airport.
forwarders Parcels from vessel to abroad.

Transfer parcels from vessel to another in the same port or different port.

Environmental Solutions

Sludge, Bilge Water, slops Disposal

Tank cleaning

Oil Spill

Repair Works

Lucky Queen been in the marine service for over a decade,
Lucky Queen is one of the market leaders In Suez Canal area and all Egyptian
Ports in both fields of Ship chandler & Suez Canal Transit agency


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